Laos – Im Schatten der Vergangenheit. Eine Reise durch eines der ärmsten Länder der Welt

In Thailand I had to drive on the other side because in Thailand is left-hand traffic. But I’ve got used to it quiet fast and thanks to the good road conditions we crossed the country within two days. In between we made a stop in the Khao Yai National Park where we tried to spot wild elephants. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky. Finally I had some vacations of my vacations. We took a car ferry to reach the beautiful island Ko Chang. For me it was the most south western part on my journey. And there couldn’t be a more terrific place for celebrating this moment when we found a campsite right next to the beach and a palm tree where I could attach my hammock. And I enjoyed with my fantastic travel company Nicole this perfect spot, this nice moment and the beautiful life.

Ankunft im Paradies
We arrived in paradise
Einsiedlerkrebs am Strand
A crab at the beach
Der Elefant mag anscheinend mein Auto
This elephant obviously likes my car
Einfach so schön
Simply beautiful
Sonnenuntergang an unseren Stellplatz
The sunset view from my hammock
So lässt es sich leben
That’s they way to live
Strand von Ko Chang
Beach of Ko Chang
Auf der Rückfahrt hatten wir einen blinden Passagier
On our way back we had a blind passenger

After driving almost 25.000 kilometers towards east it is now time to turn around. From Bangkok starts the last stage through Myanmar to India. An incredible journey continues.

Die Reise geht weiter
From now on to the west

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The route of the journey

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