Laos – Im Schatten der Vergangenheit. Eine Reise durch eines der ärmsten Länder der Welt

The rain came and longs for some days with only a few moments of sun. We left Luang Prabang and drove towards Vang Vieng. This area is a nature paradise! We stopped some kilometers before the tourist town because we found a campsite right next to the river. It was a perfect spot! It even stopped raining when we arrived and when the clouds disappeared they left a beautiful rainbow in the valley.

Unterwegs im Landesinneren
On the way to Vang Vieng
Ein genialer Stellplatz!
A perfect campsite
Für viele Kinder ist es das größte zu lesen. Nicole schenkte diesen Kindern ihren Reiseführer. Sie waren endlos glücklich!
It is for a lot of kids the biggest thing to read! Nicole gave them her guidebook from Laos. There were super happy.
Das Leben am Fluss
The life at the riverside

One day later we explored the landscape of the region and also the town which was full of backpackers was hard to avoid. But I didn’t feel comfortable there. I missed the beautiful campsite at the river, the green rice fields, the rain forest covered mountains, the simple villages.

Ausblick auf die Umgebung von Vang Vieng
View to the landscape around Vang Vieng
Kinder auf dem Heimweg von der Schule
School kids on their way home
Reisfelder in der Region
Rice fields of the region

The car got a complete check in the capital Vientiane and the hungry and reliable engine got new oil. And we entered Thailand with a little delay. The reason was the car because if you want to enter Thailand with your own car you need a special permit of the department of land transportation. This is not easy to get and you need an agency who does the paper work for you (costs: 190€…). We were waiting at the copy shop a few kilometers before the border to get the permit, to print it out and show it the officials of the Thai border. And they accepted it friendly and without any problems. It was one of the fastest border crossings of my trip.

Das Auto auf der Bühne
The car in the work shop
Letzte Momente in Laos
Last moments in Lao

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