Monat: Oktober 2011

27. Oktober 2011 / / Brasilien

Last weekend I went with my friend Paty from Brazil and four Japanese guys to the Oktoberfest. Normally if you say this, you’re going to Munich, but we went to Blumenau, Brazil. There are several Otoberfest all over the world, but the most famous after the…

26. Oktober 2011 / / Brasilien

This time I only would like to speak this video for me. Its about my daily life in São Paulo… A day in São Paulo from Mathias Vatterodt.

12. Oktober 2011 / / Brasilien

What are you doing normally at the weekend after a long hard week at work in Brazil? Make a trip to one of the beautiful beaches!? Go out with some friends for clubing and spend the most of the time in bed to relax and recover!?…

4. Oktober 2011 / / Brasilien