Reise in eine andere Welt – Über Südchina nach Laos

The road trip became more and more expensive when they asked for a toll for using the highways (1€ for 15 km). Unfortunately we missed to one or other beautiful village while driving on the highway. But we were astonished by the many tunnels and bridges and by the roads itself. The Chinese can also build towards the sky as we could see in the seven-million-city Kunming. It was a real culture shock after all the beautiful landscape before. It was also a farewell of my friend Christoph who went back home – back to his office in cold rainy Munich.

Kunming. Blick aus dem Apartment aus dem 19. Stock
Kunming. View from our apartment of the 19th floor

But it wasn’t boring in my car, because our guide Josen was still in my car. His skills in explaining the right road are – let’s say – not the best and his speaking tablet was stealing my last patience. Sometimes I rally wished to have an ejection seat…

At the last days we discovered little beautiful cities like Jianshui or the wonderful terraced rice fields of the region. At this part I have to mention the entrance fees of whole China which are exorbitant high. Sure, sometimes you are thinking that you’re probably only once in this region and you going to pay what they ask for. But every temple costs minimum 10e entrance and they asked for the terraced rice fields (!) for 15€. For students or backpackers is China therefore probably not the best destination. But at the end it was worth to see the incredible terraced rice field – I have to admit.

Altstadt von Jianshui
Old town of Jianshui
Die sehenswerten Reisterrassen nahe Xinjie
The terrific terraced rice fields close to Xinjie
Die harte Feldarbeit
The hard work at the fields
Vor den Reisfeldern
Me for the rice fields

The vegetation changed shortly before we left the country. We crossed the 22nd degree of latitude and went to the tropical climate zone of our planet. From now on a lot of incredible green, huge trees and many lianas were dominating the landscape. The Chinese are building even here in the jungle paradise with many mountains a big highway which should open next year. Time for us to leave.

The departure of China was for our surprise without any problems. The arrival in Laos was even easier. We could ask for a visa on arrival which makes traveling so much more comfortable. After hitting the lunch break again (must be a habit what came from China to Laos) we made the final paperwork (customs, as always). The farewell of China was also the farewell of our group. It was sad, because somehow we got used to each other. But at the end everybody was also happy following their own roads and ideas. And we met many of my new friends in Laos the following days. Well, now we arrived to Laos. It was a new and completely different world as I figured out after a few kilometers. I entered this new world and was amazed from the first second.

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