Reise in eine andere Welt – Über Südchina nach Laos

After we escaped from the city we jumped in our hiking boots and started a two days hike along the tiger leaping gorge trail. The third longest river of the world – the Yangtzekiang – pushes itself with the massive amount of water through a very narrow gorge. There is a legend which says that the narrowest part was so narrow that a tiger could jump over the river. And that’s how the gorge got its name. The trail first went uphill where we had a terrific mountain panorama. We were astonished and decide to stay in the next guest house (out guide thought we continued and he went to the next village – he had one task to not loosing us. And he failed 😀 ). The next day the trail was leading us down to the gorge and the wild river. We returned via some very steep leathers. It was a really nice and beautiful hike which his highly recommendable! We finished the hike and the day with barbecue at our camp at a cliff 200m above the river.

Auf geht's zur Wanderung
Let’s go hiking!
Traumhaftes Bergpanorama
Terrific mountain panorama
Eine Gottesanbeterin auf dem Weg
A mantis beside the trail
Endlich mal wieder ein deutsches Bier!
Finally a German beer!
Mountains in the light of the sunset
Der Abstieg zur Schlucht
The decent towards the gorge
Die Tigersprungschlucht an ihrer engsten Stelle
The tiger leaping gorge at its narrowest part
Wanja aus Regensburg, Christoph und ich (von links nach rechts)
Wanja from Regensburg (Germany), Christoph and me (from left to right)

Der mühsame Aufstieg
Climbing the steep leathers

Die Schlucht und die angrenzenden Berge
The gorge and the mountains nearby
Our place for the night

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