Reise in eine andere Welt – Über Südchina nach Laos

Our new guide (Josen) was really awesome. He was well informed about everything (not like our guide from Tibet) and gave us several useful advices. But sometimes he couldn’t stop talking. He showed us a really beautiful camp site close to his hometown Dali. The spot was right next to the lake with a perfect view to Dali on the other side. We had another barbecue and enjoyed the tranquility.

Super Stellplatz mit Blick auf den See
Perfect place for camping just at the seashore

One of the biggest advantages as an Overlander – a traveler with his own vehicle – is to define the daily life every day as you want to do it. When we are tired of a long day driving we do one or two days rest before continuing. Some of you might think that I having one year holidays. But the journey can be really hard sometimes. Driving, waiting, looking for accommodation / site for camping, border officials, border, corrupt police. All this makes you very tired and discharges your battery. You need a break. But we couldn’t do that in China. The travel plan was like the itinerary of Chinese tourists in Europe. We couldn’t rest. Some were really stressed, others had problems with their car and needed a work shop as soon as possible. Sometimes we couldn’t really enjoy the landscape and the culture. That’s why it’s hard for me to characterize the region of southern China and describe it as I normally do. The disappointed reader should now check some other literature or should run to the next travel agency to book a flight to Yunnan.

Über den Dächern von Lijiang. Eine sehr schöne, wenn auch extrem touristische Stadt
Over the roofs of Lijinag. A very beautiful but also touristic city
Abendliches Essensangebot - Ein kleiner Snack?
Interesting snacks for dinner

With the change of the culture we also had a change of the weather. In Tibet we had sunshine almost every day, now we found big heavy dark grey rain clouds above our heads. Also the religious influences changed. Pagodas dominated the skylines and we could visit many Confucian temples. The Confucianism is deeply enrooted in China. In the center are the teachings of the big teacher Confucius (6th century BC). The Confucianism is religion, philosophy, science and social teaching and was the state doctrine for several dynasties. For me it was a very interesting experience to get to know this religion as well after so many different ones before.

Eine Pagode in Lijinag
A pagoda in Lijiang
Konfuziustempel in Dali
Confucius temple in Dali

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