Von Ost- nach Westindien

It was time to spend again some days at one place and Hampi seemed to be the right place for it. The area is famous for its ancient temple ruins but most of the people come for its beautiful landscapes and nature. Volcanic activities brought million of years ago big rocks from the deepest depth of the earth to the upper layer where rain and wind washed the sediments away and left the big rocks in the landscape. It looked like giants played with rocks and built little piles of the biggest ones.  Many tourist stay here weeks to climb the rocks which are perfect for bouldering. I instead took marked paths to climb the hills from where I had great views at sunset time. On my second day I changed the hostel and climbed one of the hills which was right next to my new hostel to watch another beautiful sunset. From the top I saw a jeep entering the hostel property which looked like an overland car. But I lost my thoughts and enjoyed the sunset. Back to the hostel I went to my car to change clothes to mosquito save pants when I heard a voice from the back “Hi Mathias, I think we know each other!” I was surprised. I didn’t expect someone here I know. Four months ago a guy from Germany contacted me via my blog who was planning to do a world trip with his car and had some questions which I answered. I turned out that the same guy just entered 30 minutes after me the hostel yard and recognized my car from my blog. He didn’t know that I was there neither. And now you should tell me that the world is a village!

Reisfelder um Hampi
Rice fields around Hampi
Die Tempel von der Ferne
The temples from far away
Die Landschaft um Hampi
The landscape of Hampi
Ich war glücklich hier!
Here I was happy!

Like the infrastructure on the west coast Hampi was built for western tourist. The streets were full of backpackers which attract of course some business seeking people. Rickshaw drivers, shop owners and motorcycle renters annoyed me constantly and even with telling them four times in the row that I am not interested they kept asking me if I want something. Well I can understand it somehow; they people are just doing their job. But please accept my no!

Die Ruinen von Hampi
Ruins of Hampi
Ende des Tages am Stausee
End of the day at a nearby lake
Die beiden deutschen Autos von Ben's Drohne aus (Copyright Foto: Ben)
The two German cars from Ben’s drone (Copyright Foto: Ben)

The next stop after Hampi should be Goa where I planned to get some energy for the long way home. More than 15.000 kilometer was still to drive. I found the peace I was seeking and left the beach with another new big project in my bag.

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  1. Anja
    27. März 2017

    Lieber Mathi, ein Montag und ein Abend am Computer gehen in Dresden zu Ende. Ein Mal mehr folgte der Arbeit das Vergnügen, in deinem blog zu lesen und dich ein wenig auf deiner Reise zu begleiten. Sehr schön geschrieben und tolle Fotos! Ich wünsche dir eine gute weitere Reise! Deine Anja

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