Von Ost- nach Westindien

While driving up now on the west side of India the country itself changed. The eastern part is very less traveled and many times I was the only or the first western tourist seen in a place. At the west coast it looks already different and I had to get used to that. In the beautiful state of Kerala I went first to the beach village Varkala. Never on my whole journey had I seen so many tourists. Well, it is a very beautiful place indeed! Palm trees everywhere and from the cliff I had great views to the sea and the beach. It would be quite easy to spend here some days. But along the cliff were many shop selling useless touristic stuff and the owners were aggressive and annoying calling me into their shops so I preferred to run away than spending here some money for memories which are already in my head.

Der Strand von Varkala
The beach of Varkala
Ein echter Romantiker
A pure romantic guy

The route along the coast was one of the most beautiful on my whole journey. I really love palm trees and the road was left and right full of them. In between were little fisherman houses and from time to time a church or a temple. Then again there was nothing except the incredible blue of the sea on the left and the so called backwaters on the right. The backwaters are famous for Kerala. It is a net of water roads which stretches along the coast on an area of 1900 square kilometers. The lakes, lagoons and rivers were shrunk in the last 60 years because land was needed for agro culture. Furthermore the water is polluted by agro chemicals, waste, industrial wastewater and excrement. Many wild fish species and crocodiles became extinct. But out of my window it was still a scenic view. By the way: The high intensity of churches in Kerala can be explained by the importance of this area in spice trade followed by the constant contact of India with the west.

Der Weg entlang der Küste
The road along the coast
Dieses Schiff wollte wahrscheinlich woanders hin
This ship found a different harbor
Die für Kerala typischen Fischernetze in den Backwaters
The typical fisher nets in the backwaters of Kerala
Köpfe des Kommunismus
Heads of communism

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  1. Anja
    27. März 2017

    Lieber Mathi, ein Montag und ein Abend am Computer gehen in Dresden zu Ende. Ein Mal mehr folgte der Arbeit das Vergnügen, in deinem blog zu lesen und dich ein wenig auf deiner Reise zu begleiten. Sehr schön geschrieben und tolle Fotos! Ich wünsche dir eine gute weitere Reise! Deine Anja

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