Leben und sterben in Varanasi

I wanted to leave this place after three days. The night before I wanted to leave a group of German and Indian artists and volunteers came for dinner on my table and spoke about their project – the Impact kiosk. Most of them are from the organization Makers4Humanity. They wanted to transform in a few days a bicycle rickshaw to ridable kiosk which is equipped with a solar panel which itself gives the power to inflate an inflatable classroom. The classroom should be then a place where kids and youth are confronted with the dramatically environment situation and solutions for recycling plastics. One day these rickshaws could drive by solar power and go to the countryside. It should be a first step to encourage young entrepreneurs to start a sustainable business. I like the idea and ask them if I could join. They need some handy people so I am the right one. I stayed nine days longer in this city which was totally the right decision. Not only the project is awesome I also met a lot of inspiring people and entered the daily life of Varanasi while organizing the parts for the kiosk. I also got my first food poisoning and a cold at the same time (but I was not the only one in the group with that fate).

In der Learn-For-Live-Schule bauen wir den Kiosk, der schon langsam Gestalt annimmt
We built the kiosk in the learn-for-live-school where we met a lot of nice children
Der Rikscha-Kiosk ist fertig!
The rickshaw-kiosk is done!
Ein Kamerateam begleitet uns. 2019 gibt es dann den Dokumentarfilm zusehen, wo wir mit drin vorkommen
A camera team was following us. There are doing a documentary which will be published in 2019
Joy - der Initiator des Projekts
Joy – the Initiator of the project
Die Präsentation in der Öffentlichkeit zieht zahlreiche Besucher an. Im Hintergrund ist das aufblasbare Klassenzimmer zu sehen
A lot of people came for the presentation in front of public. In the background you can see the inflatable classroom
Am Ende muss der Kiosk noch verladen werden. Da kein Tuktuk parat ist fahren wir auf dem Dach mit
At the end we had to transport the rickshaw. There was no Tuk Tuk so we had to sit on the roof of the truck

I walked every morning along the Ghats to the project place and passed always the burning Ghat. While I always stopped and watched the fires here I found myself passing this place without noticing it after some days. Living and dying in Varanasi became normal for me.

Hab mir es schon mal gemütlich gemacht: Mein Quartier für fast zwei Wochen
My place for two weeks
Hier treffe ich auch Pascal wieder, der 10 Tage mit mir durch Myanmar gefahren ist
It is also the place where I met Pascal who joined me for the Myanmar transit in November

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  1. Maria Prechtl
    20. Februar 2017

    Hallo, hallo, lieber Mathias, danke für so echt nachzuspülende Situationsschilderungen, prima!

  2. Maria Prechtl
    15. Februar 2017

    In Gedanken war ich grad bei Dir, so richtig im überwältigenden Varanasi samt Gedränge, Getöns, Gestank…
    Danke für Bilder und Berichte

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