Leben und sterben in Varanasi

Puja paddled upstream back to the main Ghat and dropped me of. I said thank you for this impressive journey and dove into the daily chaos of Varanasi. Along the Ghats I saw this day a lot of orange dressed Sadhus. A Sadhu is a Hindu who promises his life completely to the spirituality. He earns his daily rice with begging and with spiritual ceremonies. Often his face is white from the ash, decorated by colorful lines and the long white beard tells the story of a long hard life in asceticism. The main road towards the Ghats is full of poor people and beggars. Next to the bath in the Ganges giving charity is one of the main pillars of the Hinduism. Especially on religious days like that. Almost every beggar brought their bag that they could storage the many donated rice which will last for several days. I see a young mother in the crowd breastfeeding her newborn child. Life and death so close together.

Viele Bettler am Wegesrand
A lot of beggars on the streets
Dieser Sadhu steckt wenig später die Schlange in seinem Mund
This Sadhu put the snake several minutes later in his mouth
Vorbereitung einer Zeremonie
Preparations of a ceremonial
Dichtes Gedränge an den Ghats
The crowd at the Ghats
Donating rice
Eine weitere Zeremonie
Another ceremonial
Ein Sadhu sucht sich seinen Weg durch die Massen
A Sadhu is walking through the crowd
Es ist viel los an diesem Tag
It is quiet busy that day
Die Bettler sitzen aufgereiht da und warten ab bis es Reis in die Reisschalen rieselt
The beggars are sitting in one line and are waiting for donations

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2 Kommentare

  1. Maria Prechtl
    20. Februar 2017

    Hallo, hallo, lieber Mathias, danke für so echt nachzuspülende Situationsschilderungen, prima!

  2. Maria Prechtl
    15. Februar 2017

    In Gedanken war ich grad bei Dir, so richtig im überwältigenden Varanasi samt Gedränge, Getöns, Gestank…
    Danke für Bilder und Berichte

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