Mal mit dem Auto nach Nepal

I continued to Kathmandu. The journey day started with a loud boom. When I drove backwards I missed seeing an electric post which left a big dent and some scratched in my car. I was a little bit upset but thinking about the traffic here I thought it won’t be the last dent. I am happy when I leave Nepal and India with a non crashed car. There was something new at this day as well. I took another hitchhiker with me but this time it was a police officer who used to check me before at the road. “Can I come with you? My station is about 20 KM from here towards Kathmandu.” I accepted but I couldn’t really enjoy the journey together because I wasn’t sure if he checks my driving. But he was busy with his phone instead watching the speed limit. Shortly before Kathmandu I could see the whole Himalaya range! I was happy and I even saw the Everest at the horizon.

Unterwegs feierte ich die 30.000 KM Marke
On the way I celebrated 30.000 KM of traveling

I checked out a guesthouse in central Kathmandu which had been told having a private parking. I pushed myself through narrow streets and stopped where it was supposed to be the guesthouse. Inpatient drivers (like every Nepalese) started already honking. I didn’t care, parked my car and looked by foot for the hotel. I’ve found it but for sure they didn’t have a parking. They let me instead using the parking of another hotel 150m away but to get there I had to take a super small road were they had to remove several parking motorcycles. I wondered how I ever could come out here again…

Straßen von Kathmandu
Streets of Kathmandu
Die gewaltige Stuppa in Boudha
The massive stupa of Boudha
Pilger und Gläubige umrunden die Stupa oder...
Pilgrims walking clockwise around the stupa or…
...schauen von ruhiger Entfernung darauf
…looking from secure distance towards it
Die Augen scheinen einen zu verfolgen
The eyes seem to follow you

I stayed in Kathmandu for a couple of days. My biggest project was installing a solar system. I bought a 60W solar panel in Bangkok and organized a charge controller from Germany. The rest had to be organized in Kathmandu. I spend three entire days organizing the material, getting it cut, drilled and welded before checking back to my car if it fits and if I measured well. The last step was installing the extra battery and connecting all the wires. I was very excited whether it works or not. But therefore nothing worked. The sun was gone and I had to wait for the next day. And when the sun hit the solar panel I jumped out of the street and shouted: “I produced electricity!!!”

My solar system
My solar system

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  1. 16. Februar 2017

    Hey Mathias I think you are not done to write about Nepal. Is it simply this much you experienced ?

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