Mal mit dem Auto nach Nepal

The earth was moving in April 2015. The epicenter was exactly between the two biggest cities of Nepal – Kathmandu and Pokhara. At this and at the following days several people lost their house, their belongings, their life. Especially in the villages help arrived late or never. Now 1 ½ years later I could see everywhere the traces of the earthquake. They rebuilt a lot in Kathmandu, but the king’s city Bhaktapur was strongly hit by the earthquake and at every corner they were still reconstructing the city. I hoped this time a little bit more sustainable.

Diese Pagoda hat das Erdbeben überlebt
This pagoda survived the earthquake
Allerdings muss noch viel aufgebaut werden
But they have to rebuild a lot
Folgen des Erdbebens: Ständige Stromausfälle und feste Zeiten wenn es Strom gibt
After the earth quake the region had massive problems with electricity supply: Fixed schedule for electricity
Die Affen übernehmen gerne mal die Macht
Sometime the monkey rule the world
Straßen von Bhaktapur
Streets of Bhaktapur
Entspanntes Leben
Relaxed life

I enjoyed it to stay this time longer at one place. But I also was happy to hit the road again after a while. The pollution is a big problem in Kathmandu. The air is poisoned by exhaust gases and smoke of burned waste. Sometimes it is only possible to survive in this city with breath protection. So it was good that I chose Pokhara as the next destination. I wasn’t alone this time because Emily who I met in Kathmandu joined me for this trip. When we arrived in Pokhara it was almost raining. I wanted to stand up early in the morning to see the sunrise but I thought the weather must be bad. But at the next morning there was blue sky! When I arrived at the lake I turned around and almost got smashed by this incredible mountain panorama! Right after the city was the Annapurna mountain range which got mirrored in the water of the lake. For several minutes I kept standing there enjoying life.

Verschmutztes Kathmandu
Poluted Kathmandu
Hier reiht sich ein Haus an das andere
Here is one house next to the other one. And you can see: Thick air…
Von der Stupa haben nicht nur die Affen eine gute Sicht
From the stupa you have a good view towards the town. The monkeys are enjoying it as well
Pokhara - Wow!
Pokhara – Wow!
So schön wie sich die Berge im Wasser spiegeln
So beautiful how the mountains mirroring in the water
Paragliden ist ein beliebter Sport hier
Paragliding is a famous sport here

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    Hey Mathias I think you are not done to write about Nepal. Is it simply this much you experienced ?

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