Myanmar – Durch das Land der Tausend Goldenen Pagoden nach Indien

The biggest highlight of the Myanmar transit was Bagan. Bagan was the capital of the first Burmese kingdom. On the 40 square kilometer wide area are temples, pagodas, monasteries and side buildings. Preferred building material are bricks and some king put an extra layer of gold on their pagoda to be reborn the next life on a higher step. One huge temple was constructed by King Nayathu. He had more than hundred queens and everyone was spending the night with him following a well defined structure. But he had a bad habit: He didn’t clean his ass after using the toilet. People called him “the dirty king” for that, but he didn’t care and the poor wives must have gone through this. Only one queen from India refused him for making love with the expected result that the king killed her immediately. The people of the queens from India couldn’t accept this. Some assassins smuggled themselves into the temple where they killed the king. What do we learn here: You should clean your bud or you’re having a short life…

Sonnenuntergang am ersten Tag
Sunset at day of our arrival
Mutter und Sohn
Mother and son
Ein unglaublicher Ausblick
An incredible view

The area was fantastic and we loved to walk almost without seeing anyone through the buildings because the area was so wide. But for the hours around sunrise and sunset the biggest temples were full of people. While we found a smaller but very quiet temple for the sunset on the first day we had an open air cinema with many people on the second day. It was impressive to see the sunrise in between. We could see the hot-air balloons rising together with the sun over the temples and pagodas of Bagan.

Bis hierhin ist der Helmut schon gekommen: Bagan (Im Hintergund der Tempel des Schmutzkönigs)
That far is Helmut already! Bagan with the temple of the dirty king in the background
Tiere auf der Tempelanlage haben es gut
A squirrel enjoys the free food
Die Sonne geht auf und die Ballons starten
The sun sets together with the balloons
Flug direkt durch die Sonne
Flying right through the sun
Was für ein Anblick
What a view

With this beautiful experience we were heading towards Indian border where we passed several small villages of the Chin-people. We couldn’t see for a long time any concrete building and ox carriage dominated the image of the streets.

Szenen auf den Weg nach Indien
Scenes on our way towards India
Über diese Brücke konnten wir dann doch nicht mit dem Auto...
This bridge was then a bit to narrow for the car

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