Erholung, Gastfreundschaft, Kunstwerk und eine Schrecksekunde

I was with my thoughts at the accident for the rest of the day and didn’t pay attention to the landscape. Google sent me and the Pajero on some dirt treks and we had some offroad action. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere a group of dogs just killed a cow and ate their meat. The farmer was standing clueless next to them. Then we ended on a hill road which brought us to the remains of an ancient fortress. The ruins of the once in a time powerful city of Mandu were a taste of that what I should see in the beautiful and wild state of Rajasthan in the next weeks…

With the damage at the car I arrived in dusk in Mandu .
Here I enjoyed a nice sunset
Right at the next day I discovered the ancient ruins
This place is under non understandable reasons on no tourist map so I had the area for me alone
Almost. This little fellow observed me
Old times…
The journey continues. See you again!

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  1. Yegor
    27. Mai 2017

    молодец, Матиас!!! Удачи на дорогах России!)

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