Einmal quer durch Indien

Pondicherry was the next stop for some days on my way towards south. In between were  1200 KM roads. On the first day I made 630 KM on one day from dawn till dusk. It was a real hardcore day! Many times I’ve been asked how it is driving alone so long distances. And I answer that it is sometimes like meditation. After a while I am working automatically: Breaking, speeding up, changing gears, breaking for cows, breaking for motorcycles, breaking for rickshaws, paying toll, horning, giving light signal. Everything on autopilot. But I still have to be concentrated on these crazy Indian roads. So I am in a state where I don’t think anything and where I drive and relax at the same time. And then I am wondering that again four hours already passed.

Zwischenstop in Mahabalipuram. Die Inder genießen das Bad am Strand und in einer dichten Menge. Der Inder liebt das Leben in der Gemeinschaft. Und es geht immer laut zu
Stop in Mahabalipuram. The Indian love to be with other people and it has to be always loud!
Der ein oder andere hat aber heimlich zu viel ins Glas geschaut
Some had too much of alcohol
Die eigentliche Attraktion: Der Shore Tempel. Hier im Sonnenaufgang.
The main attraction: The Shore temple. Here in the light of the sunrise
Morgens ist es noch schön ruhig. Dieser Inder genießt so wie ich die Ruhe.
It is quiet in the mornings. This Indian fellows enjoys the silence. Just like me.
Schon vor Jahrhunderten haben hier die Bildhauer sich mächtige ins Zeug gelegt und indische Epen in den Felsen gemeißelt.
Since hundreds of years ago stone carving was here an important business.
Aus einem Stück Felsen wurde dieser kunstvoll verzierte Tempel
This piece of art was made out of one single rock
Wie ein Freilichtmuseum erheben sich die in Stein gehauene Tempel und Bildnisse
Temple and stone carvings are here like in an open air museum
Einer der letzten Orte für mich an der Ostküste Indiens: Mahabalipuram
One of the last places on my way towards south along the east coast: Mahabalipuram

I already wrote too much right now otherwise I would tell you my experiences and conclusions about the things happen on Indian roads. But for that I could almost write a single entry. On my way to Pondicherry I had after my hardcore driving day a night stop at a beach, took the bypass road to avoid Chennai, had two lazy days in Mahabalipuram (Yes I can pronounce this place now without any problem) and took three Indian guys (neighbors of my hotel room) as hitchhikers to Pondicherry. Two of them were on my bed in the back of the car and after 10 minutes I could already hear some snoring from the back. It is comfortable my bed.

10 kilometers to Pondicherry I took a right. To Auroville. A place with a very special vision. A place from which I will tell you in my next blog post about.

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