Tadschikistan – Das Land der Berge

We continued to Murgab. We didn’t like this dusty town at all. The people were unfriendly and only with some luck we’ve got the last Diesel from the “gas station”. So we decided to continue to the Karakul lake.

Diesel tanken im Hochgebirge
Getting diesel in the mountains

On the way towards the lake I had the first problem with the car (suspension – after 13.000km) what we could luckily fix in Karakul.

Autoreparatur auf dem Pamir-Highway
Car fixing on the Pamir-Highway

Before there we went up to 4652m – the highest point until there.

Der höchste Punkt der Reise
At the highest point of the trip
Im Schilf
Karakul lake

The next day we spent the last hours in Tajikistan and enjoyed the road which went along the beautiful Karakul lake where you could see a great mountain panorama.

Der Karakulsee
Lake Karakul

The Chinese boarder was very close. The mountains were in red, green and grey. We left the Pamir on a sad looking border point at the 4.200 meter pass. The border guards were still tired from the drinking last night and they were even too hangovered to ask for a bribe for some missing document. In front of us was Kyrgyzstan. The country number thirteen on my way to Indie. From here we could see the Pamir from the other side. And we almost got stuck here. But this crazy story will be described in the next blog post 🙂

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  1. José Díaz-Ordaz Castillo
    27. September 2016

    Great stories thanks for sharing. Greetings from México.

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