Tadschikistan – Das Land der Berge

We were happy to stay inside of the house because it get very cold at night and we were already at an altitude of 2.500 meter. The next day we went to the base camp of the peak Engels (which is next to peak Karl Marx). The trekking went up till 4.000 meter which was not easy for those who still are fighting with diarrhea. But again we’ve got great views towards the mountains. And at the end of our hike we’ve got a bath in the hot springs for free! That’s the way to finish a hike!

Peak Engels
The base camp of Peak Engels
Der anstrengende Weg zurück. Ein Gewitter war uns im Nacken
The tough way back with a thunder storm in our back
Blick auf den Wakhan-Korridor
The view towards the Wakhan-Corridor
Ein Bussard begleitete uns
The eagle followed us

The next day we went via narrow roads up to a pass with an altitude of 4.300m and continued to the Pamir plateau. At the end Afghanistan was so close to us, we could easily throw a stone to the Afghan side! At the Pamir plateau we were looking forward to get a better street but we’ve got disappointed! The street was even worse than the dirt road before. Up here the landscape looked already different. We changed the paradise-like-valley to a fascinating moon landscape. Up on here there are living Kyrgyz people who came here in soviet times to build the street. These people brought their families and the families needed facilities like bakeries and hair dressers. That’s how first settlement developed in an area where you hardy can imagine to live (In winter it can be easily -40 degrees). Nowadays the people live from their animals, from the traffic that went through the Pamir and from the tourism.

We spent our first night in a nomad yurt close to the settlement of Alichur. Before we went to bed the yurt was still warm from the oven but it went very cold at night. At the night some barking dogs were waking us up as they fight with some wolf that came to the settlement.

Unsere Jurte
Our yurt
Leben in Alichur
Live in Alichur
Unser Schlafplatz im Mondschein. Wann kommen die Wölfe?
Our yurt in the moon shine. When are the wolf coming?

The next day we went deeper into the wild life as we went out to spot some Marco Polo sheep (but only with the help of the sharp eyes of our guide ^^).

In weiter Ferne: Die seltenen Marco Polo Schafe
Very hard to spot: Marco Polo Sheep

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