From Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar

While looking in the mirror I stop breathing. A huge white wall is behind us. Whit a several kilometer long mountain range the Pamir mountains are forming a natural border to Kyrgyzstan. We already realized at the border that this country is different. Because Kyrgyzstan is a real democratic country comparing to the other countries of Central Asia like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan. The president has only a representative function. The entry was without any problems. We didn’t need any visa. And after some tiring days in the Pamirs we’ve got an easy entry and a beautiful mountain panorama.

Blick von Sary Tash zum Pamir-Gebirge
View from Sary Tash towards the Pamir mountains

Sary Mogol was our first station. From here we wanted to walk until the feet of peak Lenin which is located at the border to Tajikistan. With an altitude of 7134 meter it is one of the easiest mountains to climb which is above 7000 meter. A student from my hometown Dresden even went with flip flops until 5300m, for us it was not really an option. We drove with my car until a mountain lake and had a beautiful hike until the 4.000m line. We observed a group of Yaks who enjoyed the green fresh mountain grass. On our way back we had an obstacle in front of us which we almost couldn’t pass. The mountain river which we passed easily in the morning was rising from the melting glaciers and we looked a long time for finding a way to pass. At the end we took out our shoes and pants and went through the stream. We were successful! We continued happy our way back and found a little bridge just some hundred meters downstream…

Der Pik Lenin
The Pik Lenin
Die Wandertruppe
The hiking group
Ein einsames Yak
A lonely Yak
Blick auf Pik Lenin
View to Pik Lenin

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