Zurück auf die Seidenstraße – Durch China nach Kirgistan

We left the Issyk Kul and entered the Kyrgyz steppe. On the way we could see many cows, sheep, wild horses and two wild camels which just crossed the road in front of us. The bumpy road to the high plateau of Suusamyr was packed of beautiful panorama that we had to stop several times for pictures. Villages with soviet atmosphere were along the road. Cowboys took care of their animals. Horses were running in a picturesque landscape besides us. It was Kyrgyzstan how you expect it to be. The plateau of Suusamyr itself was surrounded by snow covered peaks. We stayed in a farmer’s house in Suusamyr for one night. It was not the most beautiful village to be honest but it was interested to hear how the population survives the freezing cold winters when the temperature drops below – 50°C.

The shortcut through the field wasn’t the best idea
A camel jumped on the road
The incredible landscape of Kyrgyzstan
The village Suusamyr
Living in a farmer’s house in Suusamyr
Sheeps on the Suusamyr-Plateau

At the other side of the mountain range was Bishkek again. We weren’t ready for the city yet and stayed for one night and a hike in the Ala-Artscha National Park. The park is the first destination for the inhabitants of Bishkek when they want to leave the city for some nature. It was a national holiday so the park was quite packed. Most of the people came for a picnic and left unfortunately the places in a horrible state. When we went for a hike in higher areas of the park we saw less people and to our surprise a big group of ibex which was eating some fresh grass. They weren’t bothered at all by us that we had all the time we wanted to observe these rare animals.

The place to be for the car
The Ala Artscha National Park – still cold but beautiful
A marmot
A nice ibex
Group of ibex
A cemetery for mountaineers in Ala Artscha National Park

Back to Bishkek I went to two car workshops. Springs, bumpers and stabilizers were changed. I’ve got a new engine belt and the leaking turbo was repaired. The repairs where absolutely necessary as I still had some thousand miles to drive home. Meanwhile the travel time of my mom was already over. I was happy that she joined me again for some part – when would I have again the chance to spend so much time with my mom? I am still trying to keep my promise I gave to her to arrive safe at home. The plane which brought my mom back home sent me my next travel mate. My friend Lydia wanted to join me for a second time as well and wanted to discover Kazakhstan and parts of Russia with me. With a little delay because of the car repairs we entered the Kazakh land which should keep some beautiful landscapes and stories for us…

At the last day with mom we did some cultural stuff – Ballet in the opera of Bishkek (recommendable)
Getting things done. Also one spring was broken

The statistic of the journey

The route through China

The route through Kyrgyzstan

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  1. 24. Oktober 2017

    Über Welche Agentur habt ihr den China Guide organisiert und war er empfehlenswert?

    • Mathias
      9. November 2017

      Hi Axel, beide China-Transits haben wir über Erlebnisreisen-Tibet gebucht. Absolut empfehlenswert und in der unteren Preiskategorie:


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