Zurück auf die Seidenstraße – Durch China nach Kirgistan

At least the weather god was on our side and gave us a beautiful sunny next day as a present. Together we drove through wonderful landscapes to Kashgar. This was also the only day in China where we could do some sightseeing. We had some leisure time to discover the city while our guide organized our Chinese driver license and number blades. In Kashgar we could feel the taste of the silk route. It was very interesting to watch the life in the streets. We experienced a mix of Chinese cosmopolitan taste and oriental market atmosphere. But we also realized by seeing a lot of police that China takes special care of the in Kashgar living Urigurs…

Mao-Statue in Kashgar (View from our hotel room)
Meat sticks were a local speciality
At the market in Kashgar
Street life
Old town of Kashgar
Can you feel the taste of the silk route?
View towards the last pieces of the old town. The rest was completely removed and restored.
Kids playing in the old town
Men talking and discussing
We bought tasty raisins of this men
Street life
Trading spices in Kashgar
Some tasty food at the Night-Food-Market in Kashgar

After one day in Kashgar and two complete days in China we already started towards the Kyrgyz-China border. And now everything went wrong which possibly can go wrong. We had a deadline: Going until 2pm through the migration and custom post which was actually 100 KM away from the border. If we could not make it through it probably meant that we had to stay one more night in China because with the 3 1/2h lunch time and the two hours time difference to Kyrgyzstan the border post on Kyrgyz side would be closed and they wouldn’t let us through. Well it started that one important paper for the customs was missing out of the Swedish’s passport which he left together with ours at the reception. After a while we found this paper in another passport. Then we did quite a detour to leave the city and our motorcyclist in the group needed gasoline. Since a new regulation only one car is allowed to enter the heavily secured gas station. Long line in front of the gas station is the result. We waited half an hour in front of the gas station until it was Rah’s turn when they told him that within the city they don’t give gasoline to motorcycles. So we had to try another one outside. There I lost my temper. I wanted to fill up as well (as there was only a short line). I asked the service personal and the guide if it’s sure that the fuel I was supposed to get into my car was diesel. I knew from my previous China transits, that it wasn’t the diesel post but they kept on saying yes – yes. Shortly before the fuel went into my car I asked again. “Ohh you need diesel? No this isn’t diesel.” It was so close that they put gas into my car instead of diesel which would damage my car. For what the hell do we have a guide? I almost could move my car anymore… But this was the fate of Anna and Heiner. Their security lock failed again and they couldn’t start their car. Normally it is fine after 10 minutes but this time it just didn’t start at all. We already were on the highway and stopped almost 10km ahead to wait for them. We had a low walkie-talkie signal that we could communicate. We decided that I drive back to towing them to the customs place. But this meant also a detour of 30km because the next u-turn was 10km ahead. When I reached them we try first to kick start the car while being on a tow and it worked! So we speeded up. It was 12:30. It would be tough to cross the border but it could be possible. Shortly before we reached the customs there was a traffic jam in front of a military post. We didn’t have the time to wait so we sneaked in front and to our surprise they weren’t bothered. At 1:30pm we were finally in front of the customs gate. But the gate was closed and our guide begged the soldier to open it. First he didn’t do anything but then he eventually opened the gate for us. A good sign. Then everything went fast and it was 1:59pm when we left the migration and customs with a fresh exit stamp in our passport. That was really close. 2 minutes later they would keep the gates closed until the lunch break would be over. When we passed the gate we could already see how the soldiers went to their break…

We were with the walkie-talkie in contact with Anna and Heiner. (c) Bert from Sweden. www.dreamtrip.se
We were lucky! The gate was opening!

The rest was easy going. We passed another three checkpoints and entered a beautiful wintry high plateau on Kyrgyz side. I was once again so happy to could see such incredible beautiful landscapes with my own eyes. We said goodbye to our group at the caravanserai Tasch-Rabat. It was the same place where we said hello to the first China-transit-group seven months before…

Time to say goodbye at the caravanserai Tasch Rabat

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  1. 24. Oktober 2017

    Über Welche Agentur habt ihr den China Guide organisiert und war er empfehlenswert?

    • Mathias
      9. November 2017

      Hi Axel, beide China-Transits haben wir über Erlebnisreisen-Tibet gebucht. Absolut empfehlenswert und in der unteren Preiskategorie:


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