Through the wild Rajasthan to North India

It was weird but when I was entering another Indian state the driving habit of the people living there also changed. Driving in India is crazy but driving in Rajasthan is even worse. Standing still – the worse what can happen to an Indian guy. The result: honking all the time and trying to somehow overtake the car in front even if there is no space at all. My first station in Rajasthan was Udaipur which is supposed to be the most romantic city in India. The streets were getting narrower and the honking concert started. I was pushing myself to an extremely narrow road to a backyard where I could stay for two nights.

The city palace of Udaipur
The lake makes the city together with its antique buildings to the romantic city

It is true – Udaipur has some very beautiful places. But I had to schedule the visit of the sights because the heat has arrived in Rajasthan and hard to bear. I changed my daily routine. I woke up at six in the morning for walking through the place I was staying. The good thing: In the morning the streets are quite empty and the noise level is fine. The light for photography is perfect and the sights poorly visited. An Indian guy on its bicycle started my day with telling me that I “look very tired”. Nice.  Around 11am it is incredible hot and hard not to melt in the sun. Then it’s time to leave the streets and look for a suitable place for a siesta, for reading or writing. Around 4pm I was able to leave the sun and heat shelter. In the evening I was relaxing on the roof terrace of my guest house and listened to the sound of the city.

A typical Indian shop
The city is waking up slowly in the morning
Panorama of Udaipur

To avoid the crazy traffic of Udaipur I decided to leave early in the morning for my next destination: Jodhpur. I was chatting the day before with an old man who recommended me to make a small detour to visit a fortress and a temple. I followed his advice because with my car I am quite flexible. And already the road was worth the detour. Small streets, beautiful villages. India was waking up. After a while I entered the road to the fortress. I spotted a big cow shit in the middle of the road which I didn’t wanted to have on my car so I took the cow excrement between my tires. Some meters before I reached the obstacle it turns out that the cow shit wasn’t cow shit it was a sleeping dog puppy. It woke up by the sound of my car and did what it shouldn’t have done: Jumped up. I heard the sound when the dog got under my car and the wiping afterwards. I was totally sad. Why the hell is the dog sleeping in the middle of the road?

The man with the nice advices
Driving in the morning is fun
Squirrel doing a jump

The fortress Kumbalgarh was stunning. On the beginning I thought: “Not another fortress. Should I really do the detour?” But already when I was driving towards the fortress I was impressed by its massive walls. On the top of the fortress tower I could see how wide-spread the walls were. It looked like the Chinese Wall and went into all directions. Incredible!

View to the massive walls
The huge fortress
It was amazed by seeing this massive fortress

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