Die Umrundung des heiligen Berg Kailash

We start walking in the light of our torches. Damn it’s so cold! I have a bad feeling in my stomach. As long as it is dark we keep as a group together. I always have to wait for the others which brings me out of my walking rhythm.

Die ersten zweihundert Höhenmeter des Tages sind geschafft!
The first 200m altitude are done for today

The rising sun is painting the west side of the Kailash in a beautiful gold. It is a nice motivation to continue between al the pilgrims who don’t have a problem with the altitude.

Der Kailash in der aufgehenden Sonne
The Kailash in the rising sun

I walk the last meters of the 5636m high Dolma La pass with Wanja from Germany. The air gets thinner. Every steps hurts. After reaching the pass I can’t manage to hold my emotions back. I made it! I was lucky and brave to fulfill this dream! I enjoy the panorama over the ocean of prayer flags while the tears of joy were drying on my cheeks.

Wir haben es geschafft!
We made it!
Ein Meer von Gebetsfahnen
The ocean of prayers flags
Nur wenige Tage zuvor hat es hier noch geschneit
Couple of days before it was snowing here

We descend happy but cold and wait for more than one hour for the others. Unfortunately Ines and Javier had to go back because of high altitude problems which can cause death in this altitude.

Pilger beim Abstieg
Descending pilgrims

The rest of the way is tiring. We were supposed to stay another night at the Zutrulpuk monastery but after we arrive there we decide to keep on going. It is only 11 km till the starting point of the hike. This means a day hike of 31km but we can also have a hot shower!

Der Weg zurück
The way back
Die Sonne steht uns im Gesicht
The sun is shining in our face – I’ve got a nose burn

The last kilometers are hurting badly. I drink the last sip of water and eat the last cookie. I made it! A incredible but also tiring hike is behind me. I had the chance to let my mind be free. I lay happy in my bed a look forward for the next travel days through the beautiful and sometimes so quirky but also exciting Tibet.

I arrived happy but also tired. The Kailash can be seen in the background

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  1. Einmal im Leben das Mt. Kailash zu umrunden ist ein Traum für Tibetaner, auch viele Gläubiger aus Indien und Nepal sehen eine Kailash Umrundung ein Muss. Wir ware fünf mals am Kailash gewesen und den heiligen Berg komplett umrundet, einfach unbeschreiblich!!! Unterwegs haben wir viele nette und freundliche Einheimische und Pilgern kennengelernt, die gemeinsames Glaube wie wir haben. Sobald die Covid Pandemie vorbei geht, werden wir sicher eine neue Reise zum Kailash planen!

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