Entlang der Seidenstraße und Kontrollstaaten

The road towards the boarder was very beautiful. Several nice mountain ranges, beautiful villages and people in typical dresses. It is a pity that Uzbekistan is such a control state. Here I could stay longer. But I think one day I come back because the country is so rich of culture and beautiful landscapes…

Street conditions were bad in Uzbekistan too
Street conditions were bad in Uzbekistan too
Transport in Uzbekistan
Transport in Uzbekistan

Who once passed the countries Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in a few days values even more what it means to have open boarders like in the EU. Because also at the next boarder we had to spend 3,5 hours. At the Uzbek site I had to unload the whole car while my passengers need to unload their complete luggage, showing them their purses and again pictures on the smartphone. They had to show any single Dollar bill to just be sure that no Dollar more leaves the country as you entered with. When we finally made it the procedure on the Tadjik site was way faster until they told us “The computer for the vehicle registration doesn’t work. We have to wait until 18:00. And it was 15:30. So we took out the camping chairs and playing cards and prepared us for a long waiting time. But after 10 Minutes the officer called us and said that everything is alright now. We wondered whether they wanted some money to fast up the process. But are the officers corrupt? We should get the answer at the next day.

After a week full of adventures we are now heading towards the Pamir mountain range. We will follow for more than 600 Kilometer the border to Afghanistan with the border river to our right. What we experience there can be read by the patience reader in the next blog post.

The travel statistics

The travel route

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