Couchsurfing im Iran


I went to the beautiful city of Yazd, which is 300km east of Isfahan. The sun was burning. 38°C.


I discovered the city with the help of Couchsurfing. The student Azar, 29 studies urban architecture and comes originally from Mashhad. She is one of the few Iranians who are not religious, but she doesn’t show it in public to avoid repressions. You could see the desire for freedom in her eyes. To dress like she wants, to say what she thinks, to go wherever she wants. “Right after closed doors we put away the head scarf and change the boring coat for fancy clothes”. We were eating together a traditional fast food (like always on the carpet) and are discussing about the religion. “Since the revolution we had to follow so many senseless rules. Everything in the name of Allah. How can this be good?” Azar shows me later the water museum. Because in desert cities like Yazd the people have to invent something to not dry out. They put big hole in the mountains and are digging for water sources. Once they found some the build long channels towards the city which spread out in a big underground system. The so called qanats are saving the cities like Yazd for drying out. But the city is thirsty and a pipe from Isfahan brings additional water. After the water museum Azar showed me one of her favorite places. It is a rooftop terrace with view over the city. On the way to the terrace two police guys came to us telling her that she should not hang out with strangers. We tried to forget about this while enjoying the sunset over the mud roofs of Yazd.

Azar enjoing the view
Azar enjoing the view

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  1. andi
    26. April 2018

    Danke für deine tollen Berichte da werde ich ganz neidisch:)

    • Mathias
      8. Juni 2018

      Vielen Dank 🙂

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