Turkey from the eyes of a traveler

The start of the relationship with turkey was not the best. We waited more than 3 hours at the border to enter the country and then they made a complete check of the luggage. At the time of our arrival in Istanbul we crushed into the military coup. Nice. The first hours in Turkey were characterized by fear. And at the end we’ve been very lucky. Shortly after the beginning of the coup the political situation calmed down. But still, we had to take care.

When you only spent a few days in a country it is quiet difficult to form a big picture. But I would like to try it anyways.

The people in Turkey

When we stuck in the traffic jam of Istanbul we realized that the Turkish people can be inpatient and impulsive. Right next to us there was a guy in a car who was apparently not fine that there was no movement in the traffic jam so he just pushed the car in front with his car. The other driver answered this with thy flying Turkish fist.
On the other side you have the incredible hospitality of the Turks. My friend Lukas knew two friends who are living in Istanbul and where we could stay for three nights. So we stayed in the house of Azize and Arife who are working in import and export of oldtimers. They were the perfect hosts! They showed us the city including several culinary specialties to which I will come later.
When you ‘re leaving Istanbul the number of people who can speak English is decreasing rapidly. Then you have to communicate with your hands and feet. Also it changes how the people dress. In Istanbul the average of the women are following the European style. In Anatoly however the average of the women are wearing headscarf. In Trabzon one third of the woman is dressed like Europeans, one third are wearing headscarf, and one third are wearing complete burka. So you really feel that on the countryside of Turkey the role of the woman is different than in big cities.

People in Istanbul
People in Istanbul

The religion and the national pride

The Islam is everywhere in Turkey. In the city you see a lot of mosques. Five times the day the muezzin is calling for praying. Alcohol is not severed around a mosque and generally the Turkish people are preferring tea than alcohol. You see that Turkey is not a secular state when the Turkish flag in hanging on the minaret of a mosque. However the Turkish flag is widely spread in the city especially in the days after the military coup. The sickly try to show union in a time where they have so many problems with their own people. We could see that in Trabzon where we landed in a political event of the AKP. In front of us there were millions of Turkish flags and the speaker was very aggressive in what he was saying. So we left fast as we didn’t feel quite save there.

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  1. Tomas Kovarik
    9. May 2019

    Hallo Mathias, danke für Inspiration. Meine Frage: Wie viel Reifenpannen hattest Du während der Asienreise 2016/2017? Hattest du 2 Ersatzräder?
    (Ich plane zurzeit kürzere “Expeditionen” Kaukasus oder Marokko ca. 4 Wochen und Zentralasien ca. 8 Wochen mit kleinem Suzuki Ignis 4×4, wo gibt es nicht zu viel Platz für mehrere Ersatzräder. Unbefestigte Straßen nur, wenn notwendig, z. B. Tuschetien/Omalo, Pamir Highway..). Grüße aus Prag, Tom

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