Der Weg zurück – Durch Russland und das Baltikum nach Deutschland

In Estonia we had two wonderful camping spots. The first one was at a deserted place right at the Baltic Sea and the second one was in a moor. But it was hard to fall asleep as it was only “dark” for 1-2 hours and many mosquitos were bothering us. The roads were in a good condition and the price of the Diesel was high. I felt that it wasn’t that far until home.

First camping in the EU – Baltic Sea in Estonia
It just didn’t get dark
Soomaa National Park in Estonia
A great camping spot in Estonia: It was free of charge, quiet, fire wood and place for camp fire. Even a toilet was here. Only bad side: The mosquitoes…


In Riga two of my friends joined us for a weekend before Johannes and me crossed quite fast Latvia and Lithuania. In Poland we drove through the beautiful landscape of Masuria, made city trips in Warsaw and Krakow and went for the last night of this journey towards the Krkonoše Mountain Range to the feat of the Peak Sněžka. From here it is only 200 KM to Dresden. The last days Johannes asked me “Mathi, do you know that in 7-6-5-4 – and so on – days your world trip is going to be over?” and waited for a sad reaction. When we were walking through the landscape of the Krkonoše Mountain Range he asked again: “Mathi, how do you feel that you know that tomorrow your trip will be over?” Well yes it was the last day. In myself I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I had a great trip and everything went well. And sad that this feeling of freedom soon would be over.

Friends from home: Lukas, Johannes and Christoph (left to right)
The last time Baltic Sea: Wild camping in Latvia
Hill of the crosses in Lithuania
Once a memorial of the soviet occupation. Today with more than 400.000 crosses a world wide worshiping place for Christians
Remaining of Hitler’s headquarter “Wolfsschanze” in Poland
Camping in the beautiful Masuria
Poppy flower fields and…
…lots of storks everywhere
Last day abroad: A view into the wideness in front of Peak Sněžka

We crossed the German border and it took only 30 seconds until we came into a police control. The officer saw that my license plate didn’t had the sticker from the officials as I lost the original one in India. But his colleague was easy going and we could continue. After 343 days my tires touched again German roads and it was less than 100 KM towards home. It felt like a normal day on my trip when I was driving the last KM of the day. When I arrived I first dropped Johannes. We were going to meet up later for a birthday party of a friend (which was – as I found out later – a surprise party for me as well). I made a little detour home and stopped at the side of the road. The sun was shining at this day as beautiful as the day I left. Was I ready to come back? Shouldn’t I turn around and continue driving until I don’t like driving anymore? I looked to the right. At the other side of the corn field I could see the big tree which is at the end of our garden. I took a deep breath and continued the last meters of my journey.

I though at so many things and at the same time at nothing. I was really happy that I almost constantly experienced good things. That I was (except of this one time in India) always healthy. That my travel mates who joined me had a good time and arrived save at home.That the car didn’t have any big problem. I was very happy indeed. I drove the car at the yard of my parent’s house. Inside were already my parents and probably also my sister with her three little boys. I kept the engine running and the millage counter said 198.609 and therefore 55.859 KM more than on the day I left. “Wake up wake up we’re almost home” from Moby came out of the car speakers. I removed the key of the ignition lock and now it was sure for me that this journey is over. I couldn’t hold my emotions. Tears ran over my cheeks. I arrive at my home.

Back home


Statistic of the journey

The travel route back to Germany

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  1. 7. September 2017

    Hallo Matthias,

    toller Blog! Ich bin gerade auf ihn gestoßen, da ich auch über den Landweg nach Asien möchte. Zwar ist dein beitrag aus 2016 etwas veraltet, aber vieles scheint doch noch schwierig befahrbar oder gar als Reisender ohne eigenes Auto nicht möglich zu sein. Wäre schäde..

    Ich stöbere nun mal ein wenig bei dir rum und vielleicht finde ich ja ein paar Antworten auf meine Fragen. Wenn nicht, könnte ich dir denn schreiben?

    Wenn du dich noch einmal auf den Weg machst; ich bin dabei! 😉

    Schöner Schreibstil übrigens (:

    Liebste Grüße
    Lu ♥

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