Roraima – The lost world

On my second day in Venezuela I started for a six-day hiking expedition to the famous table mountain Roraima. Unfortunately it was holy week (Easter) and a lot of people from Venezuela used this week off from work to go to the Gran Sabana for tours and hiking. The groups were full and a lot of people were on the road. My group had with me 14 people, a guide and some porters for the food and tents. The hike to the Roraima was very nice and the nature beautiful. The daily hikes were not that long and the whole tour could be done easily in 4 days but I used the hours I always arrived earlier in the camp to explorer the area, go to the river swimming or doing a little extra hike. And because I was most of the time always one of the first who started, I had basically the nature for myself and was not on the road with some screaming tourists.

On our second day we reached the foot of the mountain and climbed the last 1000 meter to the top of the table mountain on our third day. It was amazing how the vegetation changed from the try savanna to the wet rain forest on the mountain. First it seemed impossible to climb the mountain, cause you only could see a huge wall going to the sky, but the was a small path with made us possible to access the mountain. On the top you felt like in another world and sometimes like on the moon. Weird stone formations and seldom plants dominated the surface of the table mountain. From some viewpoints we got spectacular views to the big savanna and the wall of the Roraima.

We stayed two nights on the top, on the second night we moved to a cave to be more secured from the rain and the wind which make it, when they come together, the top of the Roraima (2800m) even on day time to a very cold place. On the second day on the top we went in the afternoon to a place called “The Window” from where we could see the neighbor table mountain of the Roraima and the rain forest of Guyana. It was fantastic! Because of the rain, there were several waterfalls putting their water hundred of meters down to the rain forest. For a minute I felt myself like in Jurasic Parc when you enter a lost world…

The fifth and the sixth day we hiked back to our starting camp. We got lucky with the weather, because only on these days it was raining from time to time and the Roraima was hidden in the clouds. The local porters, people from an Indian tribe said, that the Roraima is angry that so many people are climbing the mountain, screaming and throwing their trash around that he send rain clouds. And it seemed that they were right.

At the end it was a very cool tour, could be a bit more challenging for me, but it was nice on the other hand to spend some days in the nature. I was editing a video of this tour, because I think it’s the best way to catch all the impressions I got. Feel free to watch and comment it. (Load the video completely, than watch it with sound on)

Today I hope I find somehow my way to Caracas from where I leave to Cuba on Monday. I made a reservation for a direct bus, but something went wrong and now I am hoping I can catch another bus to a city on the road to Caracas to continue from there to Venezuelas capital. Its gonna be tough but I hope I manage it without any big problems – Vamos a ver… So lets see…

More pictures of the trip:


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  1. 13. April 2012

    Excelente!! So now you are back on a Spanish-speaking country! It must be very confusing trying not to mix Portuguese.. The mountain looks amazing!! I didn’t know Venezuela could have those amazing landscapes. I always thought Venezuela as a tropical paradise with only beaches and Hugo Chavez 😛 … I hope the trip to Caracas was fine and good luck in Fidel’s island!

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