Leaving Sao Paulo – On the road again.

Once upon a time I was staying in a hostel where there was a quote saying that you can cure stress within putting the backpack on your shoulders and your feet on the street. The time for me was come to leave Sao Paulo where I stayed almost half a year for life and work. And you might imagine, saying goodbye isn’t easy. Indeed, the city of Sao Paulo isn’t that special but the people I met there were making my time in this huge city unforgettable that I was leaving Sao Paulo kind of sad. I already miss my two British and one American friend; we really had a good time. And there were a mix of internationals that also have a place in my heart. Whatever my internship was over and I planned to travel around 4 months through the continent and thinking about this trip made me happy as well. Somehow I am used to leave places where I used to live (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Germany) that I started the normal procedure. Saying goodbye at work, do a last party with all my friends, having a beer with my closest friends on my last night. So I was ready to travel. Plus some circumstances were making me happy to leave Sao Paulo, cause I stucked the last days in Sao Paulo too many times in the horrible traffic and I got some problems with the federal police because of my visa-documents, that AIESEC had to pay them a fine of around 330 Euro. So how much I already missed my friends, I wanted to get out of the stress and put my backpack on my shoulders and my feet on the street.

My first 16 days of my trip I was personal guide for my parents who visited me in Brazil. We went to beautiful Paraty and did a nice boat trip to several nice beaches. After a short stop in Sao Paulo we went to Iguacu, visited the famous waterfalls on the Brazilian and Argentinean side, visited the second biggest dam on the border to Pragauay and did some shopping in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, where there was one of the biggest markets for everything I’ve been and super crowed, because it is visited of a lot of Brazilians who can get especially electronic devices for a good price. I was a bit disappointed about the Brazilian side of the Iguacu falls. You could have an amazing view to the waterfalls, but after 2 hours you are more or less done with the walking trail and If you want to see or do more you have to pay extremely expensive prices…

After Iguacu we flied to Rio and rented a car and we started to make a 5 days trip. Without any navigation system and detailed map with the result that I needed a while to leave Rio de Janeiro to Teresopolis, a city in the mountains around 80 KM northwest of Rio with peaks up to 2700m. There we did hiking and drove on some very nice highways and dirt roads through the mountains and alpine subtropical rain forest.

After the mountains we went to the beach to the beautiful city of Buzios with its nice and magnificent beaches were I did snorkeling and surfing. Finally we went to Cabo Frio, a cape west of Rio with cold water (like the name says), big white sand dunes, white sandy beaches and turquoise water were I was snorkeled with millions of fish and several turtles. Finally we went back to Rio and I managed to find the hostel without any map and navigation system which cost a lot of sweat, nerves and almost accidents of the crowded streets of Rio.

In Rio I was met my best friend Matze from Germany and together with my parents we did the tourist stuff like Christus, Suger loaf, Santa Teresa, Lapa and Copacabana. Only the party in Lapa I visited only with my friend and on this point I have to say that night clubs in Sao Paulo are nicer and have more beautiful girls.

Today I said goodbye to my parents and put them in the cab to the airport. It was nice to travel with them and I made them liking Brazil a lot. We had a very good time and it was funny when other backpackers asking me, if I am really traveling with my parents, some girls even found it cute… Sometimes it was a bit stressful because I wanted them to have a perfect stay without carrying about anything and I think I did a good job.

For the next 3 weeks I will travel with Matze through Brazil, to Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, the north coast of Brazil and the Amazon. If everything goes right I am sure that we will have a great time, se beautiful places and have nice experiences. On the road again I can’t wait to discover more of this great country of Brazil and meet one of the world nicest people – Brazilians…


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  1. 12. April 2012

    Beleza!!! It’s amazing! Your blog really makes me want to go and visit Brazil!! Though I must confess I haven’t traveled as much as I would like here in the Far East, but well the day will come. It is amazing that your parents visited you!! Really, I would love to welcome my parents in China and travel together one day, but again, I don’t know when.. Anyway, by now you must have finished your Brazilian tour and I guess you had a great time with your friend Matze. Cheers!

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