Surf and Fun in Itamambuca

2 weekends ago I was together with my friends David (England), Julian (USA), Hidir (Germany) and Michael (England) on a roadtrip to Itamambuca, a nice beach next to Ubatuba and 250KM from Sao Paulo. We most of the time went to surf and we had a very good time. My friend Julian was recording some parts of the trip and edited it to a very great movie which I want to share here:

At the end, the car was so dirty that the car rental was not willing to get it back, so we had to clean it first 😛 But it was an awesome trip!


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  1. 13. Februar 2012

    Wow!! The video is amazing!! Now you are a professional actor! hahaha… And the place looks awesome!! I bet you are getting amazing times over there. Maybe you’ll end up settling up in Brasil 😛

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