Corinthians São Paulo won the Brazilian football championship

The local football team Corinthians from São Paulo won this weekend the Brazilian championship. The second question what people ask you here after where are you from is, what football team from São Paulo do you support. São Paulo FC, Palmeiras or Corinthians. People told me that you rather hate or love Corinthians, what seemed sympathetic for me. So I decided to support Corinthians and I went already to a game on my second weekend in Brazil. But somehow, always I support a team in a country I live (except of Germany…) this team wins the championship. Like Rayados Monterrey in Mexico and this time Corinthians in Brazil. I think I am like a talisman for the football teams 😉

This Sunday we normally wanted to go to the beach, but the first problem was, that we decided this on a party at 12pm and the second problem was, that because of the first problem only me and a friend were at 9am the next morning at the bus station and we decided to stay in the city, which was actually not a bad idea. So instead of the beach I had a city tour and watched with my friends the Corinthians game on TV. Only if Corinthians would have loose and Vasco from Rio de Janeiro would have win, Corinthians would not win the championship. Corinthians was playing against the local enemy Palmeiras so the atmosphere in the city was already heated. The game was boring and the players preferred to fight than to play football (5 red cards). Corinthians played 0:0 and Vasco 1:1 – Corinthians was the new football champion of brazil – the city went crazy. I think this video describes in the best way the atmosphere in the city. It was shot of a friend who stand next to me and together we saw like a guy was hit by a car in front of us. But he was not seriously hurt and continued celebrating. In minute 2:12 in the video you can see me celebrating too (white jacket, left corner). What a day…


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  1. Falk
    19. Dezember 2011

    Did know realize that the CBF scheduled all classicos (derbys) for the last matchday? This move aimed at preventing manipulations as no team wants to loose to its biggest rival even if the result does not make any difference in the standings!
    Smart move, but probably the only smart thing the CBF did in recent years. Why? For example, did you know that the Brazilian championship does not stop when the seleção brasileira plays? Imagine…

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