Let’s escape to the beach…

One of the things I really like about Sao Paulo is that you can easily escape on your free days. Like this weekend. My friend Juan from Argentina decided to celebrate his birthday in a rented house with pool 10 minutes from the beach. A Spanish guy called Jesus was given us the ride to this place which was 2 hours from Sao Paulo. We had a great BBQ, a piñata (Where the birthday-child has his eyes closed and tries to hit a puppet), funny midnight session in the pool and lots of delicious meat and cold beer.  The next day we went all day long to the beach and relaxed a lot. The weather forecast said that it should rain all the Sunday but instead it was sunny only with a few clouds. Well and because of these bad predictions I did not bring any sun blocker, with the result that I have now a super bad sun burn. I am so red, that my roommates are calling me German crab. Well at the and it was a super nice weekend and it was again one of these moments where I did not regret to came here… Click on the image to see the pictures…


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