Feeling a bit like home – Oktoberfest in Blumenau

Last weekend I went with my friend Paty from Brazil and four Japanese guys to the Oktoberfest. Normally if you say this, you’re going to Munich, but we went to Blumenau, Brazil. There are several Otoberfest all over the world, but the most famous after the Oktoberfest in Munich is that one in Blumenau. To not miss this event we took the 10 hours and 700 KM bus ride from Sao Paulo to Blumenau. We escaped from the big city of Sao Paulo Friday night and arrived in Blumenau the next day in the morning.

We met two other Germans from Sao Paulo and we started the day – how it should be if you’re going to the Oktoberfest – with a beer. We where in the center of Blumenau, which had several European and German looking houses, the sun was shining, a live band was playing German folk music and we had the delicious beer called „Heimat“ (Home)…

After visiting a beer museum we went to the Oktoberfest area. There we bought a beer cup, what we could use for the beers and for the cheers. After some nice tasting German style beer we went back in the center to see the Oktoberfest parade. Paty have some cousins in Blumenau and the family was giving us guys a ride. So we were 9 people in the car. Three in the front, four in the back and two in the trunk. The parade was really cool and it was weird for me to see the German culture here in Brazil. Plus I did not expect that sooo many people take part of the parade.

On the way back to the festival area we crashed to a car with a draft beer machine and they were so happy to see some foreigners that we all got free beer. Back on the Oktoberfest I teached the guys some German drinking culture and drinking games. Unfortunately the Japanese guys had to go back to Sao Paulo because they booked the bus already for half past eight, cause they thought that the Oktoberfest manly is over the day… A mistake…

So together with Sandra and Johannes from Germany and Paty from Brazil we celebrated the Oktoberfest. For getting beer you first had to buy beer coupons which you change to a beer of your choice. 0,4L for 1,90€ i a pretty good deal for a Oktoberfest. We also did some target shooting and for some reason I was really good! But this was at 8, 4 hours later I did was not that good anymore and it was a miracle that I did not shoot the support ^^

We left the Oktoberfest at 1, because it got really packed. I was complaining to leave that early, but at the next day I was happy about that cause I had a bad hangover. We stayed in the house of Paty’s relatives and by mistake I was entering the parents bedroom, because I thought its our room.. Uuupss.. The next day the family invited some friends and prepared a very nice breakfast. But I was feeling not good at all and I had to speak with them in Portuguese and eat something. Both not good when you hangovered. But somehow I survived that too and we went back to the Oktoberfest, where we had some very good food and some dances. By the evening Paty’s relatives where bringing us back to the bus station were our bus was leaving back to Sao Paulo. There we arrived a bit earlier (04:30) that I managed to get some sleep before I wwent to work.

At the end it was a really funny trip and it was good to feel some culture from home and can say „Prost“ and everyone understand you! Also Blumenau is a very nice city and worth to visit! So Germans in Brazil, if you feel kind of homesick (I know its almost impossible) go to Blumenau!

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  1. 3. November 2011

    Hey Mathias!!
    Nice to see that you are having a good time in Brazil! Here in Hong Kong there are also Oktoberfest celebrations. Usually they are done during October’s Wednesdays at the horse racing, and there’s a big one organized by a hotel. Unfortunately I haven’t attended any of them but I’m looking forward for going some time. Cheers!

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