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It is sunny at this Thursday morning in Dresden. The birds are singing and the slight wind in the garden welcomes a beautiful summer day. But this day should be different than others. Right now my parents and I had breakfast. My cousin Sebastian and my roomie from Berlin Lukas are here as well. It’s a very awkward atmosphere.

It is 11:35. The kilometer of the Pajero says 142.750 KM. A weird feeling. Almost two years I worked for this moment and now it is the day. My thoughts and feeling are out of order. I am more busy to think about if everything is packed within the car.

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Saying goodbye. It costs a lot of work. It costs a lot of work for my parents. I have to fight to not show emotions. I am endless happy about this day. I am sad to leave my parents, my family, my friends and my home land behind. I constant uncertainness about how I am.

Goodbye. A sad moment captured.
Goodbye. A sad moment captured.

A hug. Last direct words. Now lets start! At one of my favorite places in Dresden with a great view towards the city we do a starting foto. Now let’s start driving.

Facing the target
Facing the target

After 200 KM the first traffic jam. No forward no backward. Google Maps purposes an alternative route, we say yes. The offered entry to the highway is closed and signs send us to a different entry which leads us directly back to the beginning of the traffic jam! Perfect! The first circle after 200 KM! What a great job!

We take again the alternative route and leave this endless circle with a bit of luck. Otherwise we would be still in Czech Republic. Arriving in Budapest we’re driving to the address of our friends but we must figure out that this street exist three time in Budapest and for sure the right address is exactly at the other end of the city.

Ani and Zsani from Budapest are welcoming us at 10pm and cooked Letscho for us. After that delicious food we discovered the nightlife of Budapest. Next day I met my coworker and a friend which both I now from my time in the Domincan Republic 2008. The world is small.

Climbing the bridge in Budapest
Climbing the bridge in Budapest
Enjoying the city
Enjoying the city

We continue to Serbia. At the border we feel the first time the results of the refugee crisis in Europe. At the heavy secured border you can see a city of tents. While we’re arguing about waiting two hours at the Serbian border people are living next to us in tents. And its 38 degrees outside. Later at the evening a similar image. We leave together with Natascha, a friend of Sebastian, a night club for more wealthy people and walk home. In about 500m distance from the club we pass a park full of refugees who were using the park as there sleeping area. What a world. And we take part of it.

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Mathias Written by:


  1. Boi
    18. July 2016


  2. Dirk Treger
    21. July 2016

    Hi Mathias,

    viele Grüße aus Berlin! Es sieht ja auf deinen Bildern so aus, als wenn es dir sehr gut geht. 🙂
    Falls du noch in Istanbul bist: Ali ist auch grad da. 😉

    Ich habe in Technik-Postfach einen internen A5-Umschlag an dich persönlich gefunden. Keine Ahnung von wem der ist. Soll ich den aufbewahren, irgendwo hin schicken, oder nachsehen, ob was dringendes drin steht?

    Viele Freude weiterhin bei deiner Reise und alles Gute,

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