Tag: Offroad

16. October 2017 / / Iran

It is a country which is as mysterious as its historical name: Persia – nowadays Iran. Crossing this country by car is a very special experience which can be hardly described in words. Moving images are telling more – and I have nine minutes for you…

23. September 2016 / / Tadjikistan

Over 93% of Tajikistan are mountain land and about the half of the country lies above 3000m. That’s why they call Tajikistan the country of the mountains. For us it was a really adventurous trip which brought us from time to time back to the past.

8. August 2016 / / Georgia

Our experiences in Georgia were simply crazy! Extreme offroad tours, milky way in the mountains, hospitality, military checks, experiences of almost dying in the cable car. For us its sure: Georgia is a must!