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4. April 2017 / / India
16. March 2017 / / India

At the most southern point of India I drove my jeep for the first time of my journey to the western parts of India. After the many (some very funny) experiences I have to say, that the east part of India is in many things very different from the west coast.

28. February 2017 / / India

Is there a place on earth where it is possible to live without money? I heard Auroville is a place like that. Life is mainly focused on spiritual issues. Auroville is on my way. I would like to get to know and learn more about this special community.

16. February 2017 / / India

I am traveling from the north of India until the very south. Many places are not on the typical tourist map for India. This makes the journey more exciting but also not easier. I can feel the amazement on the streets. Many people have never seen a foreigner especially with their own car. So how is it to explorer a country besides the main tourist paths?

7. February 2017 / / India

One word which could describe Varanasi: Sureal. A little bit of magic hangs over the city together with clouds of smoke of burned people. Death is an important part in this city full of live. A portrait about one of the oldest cities in the world.