Tag: Culture

16. October 2017 / / Iran

It is a country which is as mysterious as its historical name: Persia – nowadays Iran. Crossing this country by car is a very special experience which can be hardly described in words. Moving images are telling more – and I have nine minutes for you…

8. December 2016 / / Myanmar

Why is Myanmar one of the poorest countries and a very rich countries and the same time? What is that for a country where they move over night the capital including the government into another new built city? Why there ar in Myanmar more than those thousand pagodas? And why is it so popular for travelers? All those things will be discussed in the following travel report.

29. August 2016 / / Iran

Imagine you arrive to an European city. Lets say Prague. And a Czech person comes to you, gives you the hand and says: “Welcome to Czech Republic”. And leaves. Impossible right? But it happened almost daily to us in Iran. A travel report about a very hospitable country.