Here you can find a gallery of pictures I have taken at my trip.
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  1. […] of the time in the Amazon are here: Share This entry was posted in Brazil, Venezuela by Mathi. Bookmark the […]

  2. […] The next day I stand up at 5:30, like almost every day before in the jungle. If you go to bed so early because of the miss of light, you can be very awake even on this time. I carried my heavy backpack the next 4KM to another camp with a swimmable beach and hike without big backpack to some small ruins, 90min from the camp. I had to climb several times and after I was shocked by an appearing snake, I was a bit worried to arrive at the ruins without any damage. But like always in this trip luckily nothing happened to my, only my cold was tiring me. The rest of the day I chilled on the beach on in my hammock and prepared myself for the hard 8KM hike back to the road, from which I wanted to continue to Cartagena, Latin Americas most romantic city and from there finally back to civilization….More picture can be find here. […]

  3. […] I traveled 2000KM in 10 days and that was making me quite tired so I decided to spend some time on the beach before I meet my brother and his friend in Guayaquill. And its incredible how the time flies if you don’t do that much. For five days I stayed in Montañita, 3 hours from Guayaquill and spend my time with surfing, lying on the beach and party. I met really cool people and I had big fun! But what happens in Montañita stays in Montañita… But now a have enough energy for my last five weeks of traveling – and it’s still a long way what I have to go, but for the next 3 weeks not alone anymore. It is going to be fun!More picture are like always in the Galery. […]

  4. […] Now we are back to the coast, waiting for our flight to Cuzco via Lima. The north of Peru is a real experience, a pity that we didn’t had more time. For everyone who plans to go to Peru: Take some time for discovering the north! You will fell like Indiana Jones, like a real adventurer….More pictures here: […]

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