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11. July 2016 / / Trip-preparation

When I bought the car end of January 2015 I told myself: from now on there is no way back. Tomorrow I am leaving my hometown Dresden. Towards India. First stop Budapest. People kept asking me the last days whether I am excited. I said that…

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11. June 2016 / / Trip-preparation

The route is more or less clear. Unfortunately the border from China to Nepal is still closed, so plan B is leaving China via Laos and going back to India while crossing Myanmar. If I take the route via Laos I plan approximately five months to…

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2. April 2016 / / Trip-preparation

Organizing a world tour is more challenging than you think at the beginning. Journeys through exotic countries like Iran, China or Uzbekistan have to be prepared carefully. And when you are traveling with your own car the list of necessary preparations is getting longer and longer.…

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23. January 2016 / / Trip-preparation
17. January 2016 / / Trip-preparation

Before I reach Varanasi in India there are approximately 17.000 Km road in front me (and my fellow travelers). And for sure the street conditions are not gonna be like in Germany. If you want to go all the way to India, for sure, you need…

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