Author: Mathias

8. June 2018 / / General

In der folgenden Reihe erkläre ich euch, wie man mit dem Auto nach Indien kommt. Das Ziel muss am Ende auch nicht Indien sein. Sagt man nicht auch der Weg sei das Ziel? Wohin auch immer ihr mit eurem Auto fahrt, die Fragen sind oft immer dieselben. Ich hoffe euch, mit diesen Beiträgen zu helfen, damit ihr euren Trip um die Welt besser planen könnt.

11. February 2018 / / Armenia

Now starting! Country presentations about Georgia & Armenia, Iran, Conutries of the Silkroad and Tibet. Click here for the newest dates

5. November 2017 / / Tibet

Crossing Tibet by your own car is almost impossible. Mainly because of the bureaucratic boundaries the China government are building in front of your car. Getting a group and all the permits together can easily take one year of preparation. But once you made it into the country which is surrounded by snow peaks you won’t regret it…

16. October 2017 / / Iran

It is a country which is as mysterious as its historical name: Persia – nowadays Iran. Crossing this country by car is a very special experience which can be hardly described in words. Moving images are telling more – and I have nine minutes for you…

23. July 2017 / / Russia