Back to the silk route – Through China to Kyrgyzstan

I planned to replace several things at my car in Kyrgyzstan. First I wanted new tires as mine where already done. I had to survive 350km to Bishkek without flat tire on quite good roads. The weather was shit. It was cold, rainy and later snowy. I wanted to overtake a truck when I hit a big stone with both of my right tires. The result was – for sure – another flat tire. So I had to change 200 KM before I was supposed to get new tires my tire again. But at least within half an hour when there was no rain or snow.

Best weather for driving

In the capital Bishkek Tina – who was joining me since Dehli – was flying home and changed her seat to my mother who wanted to join me for the second time on this trip. Before she came with me from Bangkok to Darjeling and was interested now in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

We spent several days around the Issyk Kul Lake. A legend said that two young men were in love with a beautiful girl. They started to fight and even friends and relatives got involved and the fight ended bloody. The girl was so angry about it that she removed her heart out of her chest and threw it away. Where it landed the lake Issyk Kul was created. The two young men became winds which are still fighting. One blows from the west, one from the east. The father of the girl was so said that his tears are entering as one of the several rivers around the lake Issyk Kul.


Having a break at the Issyk Kul


Too cold for swimming (but not for me): The lake Issyk Kul

Shortly before we arrived at the lake I got stopped by the police. On his camera the officer showed me that I was 11 km/h too fast and that I now should pay a fine. I only handled him my international driver license but he wanted my European card license. I answered “International – Kyrgyzstan. Europe – Germany” and pretended to not understand what he wanted. Another police man came by and showed the money sign. But after waiting a while the police officer gave me back my document and said “Kyrgyz police good”. I was free.

The season at the Issyk Kul didn’t begin yet. Normally many places are crowded by sun seeking tourists and were deserted when we arrived which gave the places a special atmosphere. The weather was still not that stable. We came in a snowstorm when we hiked in one of the several beautiful side valleys of the mountains surrounding the lake. But it was supposed to be the last snow of the season. We planned to stay in a small village close to the end point of our hike as it was described as a place with sauna in my guidebook. But when we arrived in the village nobody knew about a hotel so we had to continue for another 100 KM because the next touristic infrastructure could be found in Karakul. But it was a good choice because shortly before we arrived Karakul the sun was setting on the other side of the lake. The city itself was still in dark snow clouds but the setting sun sent some red light through a gap in the clouds to the city and its surrounding hills. It was incredible beautiful!


4000 years old petroglyph in Tscholpon Ata


Fresh and last snow of the season


The beautiful gorge of Grigorjewka was perfect for a hike
Hiking in snow


Incredible colors of nature


The Russian-orthodoxe church of Karakul

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  1. 24. October 2017

    Über Welche Agentur habt ihr den China Guide organisiert und war er empfehlenswert?

    • Mathias
      9. November 2017

      Hi Axel, beide China-Transits haben wir über Erlebnisreisen-Tibet gebucht. Absolut empfehlenswert und in der unteren Preiskategorie:

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