Recovering, hospitality, art and a shocking moment

Recharging batteries. This is also a very important activity when traveling. When you see the pictures at home you might think that I am really having a good time. Well that is true but a journey with a car is also connected with some difficulties. I am always arguing about the bad traffic that’s why I don’t want to mention it here again. It is always a challenge to find a place to sleep; whether in the wild or in the concrete jungle. As a traveler with his car I am everywhere an interesting topic and many people come to me to ask me question which are always almost the same. I try my best to answer them again and again but sometimes I am just out of energy. And to enjoy this journey to the last I choose Goa as a place to recharge my energy pack for my way home.

Having such views it is easy to relax: Sunset in Goa

I spent eight days at the beach of Agona. There I built myself a little camp and spent a lot of time with reading and with my newest project. Yes I am going to write a book about this journey. I’ve already written 63 pages and I am making good progress. Well eight days seem to be a lot but I really had to look for some time to work on my project because I had many visitors around. When I arrived in Agonda there were already Heiner and Anna from Germany with their Overlander jeep. Together we going to cross parts of Pakistan and China. There was also Syzmon from Poland who is driving with is enhanced Toyota camper jeep around the world. He cooked for all of us and prepared some fish when I arrived. What a great arrival! Then I found out that Pascal (the guy with his Ural motorcycle with side car who crossed with me Myanmar) was in the village Agonda too together with his girlfriend. Ben with his Nissan jeep who I met in Hampi came around with some backpacker friends who I also know from Hampi. And there were finally Kevin (England) and Heike (Germany) who are traveling the world. They arrived with their jeep which they shipped from Africa to Bombay at the same spot like I was staying. Last but not least all the beach tourist (Agonda is a popular, but quiet tourist destination) who recognized my number plate and came around for chatting with me. So it was never boring in my little camp of silence and calmness.

On the first days Heiner and Anna from Germany were my neighbors


Also the cows are enjoying the beach


Panorama of my camp


I also had a short visit of a dog


I could see dolphins in the morning


My camp in a moon light night

The silence was over when I traveled to the north of Goa. Goa is the top destination of young tourist and hippies from all over the world. They somehow built their India how they would like it. You can buy everything what you miss from home and you can even communicate in your own language. Loud electronic music comes from the huge speakers at the beach. It’s okay for some time but it’s also not really my world (anymore). Highlight was the Holi-Festival of colors. This Indian festival is celebrated on the first full moon of the beginning of spring in many parts of India and the people are getting all crazy on this day(s). Everyone is equipped with a bag of color powder which is smashed to someone’s face. All together everyone dances wild and crazy to Indian music. Passing motorcycle driver and pedestrians are all full of colors once they passed the party. But there are also those who party a bit too hard and are already in the morning completely drunk. Then you should leave the party before it ends in a big group fight. But anyways we had a lot of fun!

The beach of Palolem was more busy
I passed Goa Velha on my way to north


In Goa Velha could see perfectly that it was once a portuguese colony


Thats how I looked after Holy


I had to postpone my journey to Mumbai. My started was damaged and I had to wait one day for the spare part from Mumbai. That meant: Spending one night at the garage’s place in my car

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  1. Yegor
    27. May 2017

    молодец, Матиас!!! Удачи на дорогах России!)

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