Besides big roads in India – The life at the countryside

It is a quiet January morning. Quiet and India normally doesn’t fit together. But here at the countryside you can find it: The quiet areas. My car is parking in front of a farmer house. Next to the car is a wooden bed where I relax and enjoy the silence. The sound of the birds is like the sound of the squirrels whose are jumping full of energy between the trees. The wind is making me becoming goose bumps on my skin. It is still chilly and the energy of the sun is not enough to warm up the shadow. In front of me is a mango tree but without mango. The mango harvest is in June. In the shadow of the tree is a cow and on the cow sits a bird. Next to me sits the master of the house and speaks in Hindi with his brother. Probably about me but I don’t understand a word.

Das Streifenhörnchen
The playing squirrel


Das Bauernhaus
The farmer house

How did I end up here? I wanted to try Couchsurfing in Varanasi were I met Arvin. I spend a night with his family which invited me to come in their house at the countryside. And I agreed.

It is only 25 KM to the villager but we need more than one hour. Next to me sits Arvins father who is speaking constantly with his wife who sits behind me. He stops from time to time to show me the way. It is fine for me because its early the day and I am not in the mood for speaking. I tolerate the traffic chaos and even don’t get bothered by the bicycle rickshaw which got stuck in my bulbar. I am not here with my mind and drive almost automatically through the pile of rickshaws, motorcycles, people, buses and trucks.


Auf den letzten Kilometern wird es schon ländlicher
It is getting more like country side on the last kilometers

The farmer house is located in the village Kanakpur and is surrounded by wheat and rape fields. This is normally the place where the family of Arvin lives. I am speaking today a lot with Arvins father Shyewa. Shyewa is 54 years old, one head smaller than me and is wearing a three-day-beard in his always friendly looking face. He is slim with a little belly. “Look there that is our old house” said Shyewa while we are on a walk showing on a ruin. “We are now living since ten years in Varanasi. My wife works for the government and Arvin and my other sun study and work there as well. Also I found a job as a night guard for a hotel. But I am missing our house at the countryside a lot. Right after my wife gets retired we will move back”.


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  1. 13. February 2017

    I hope that by the end of your time in India you can eat properly with your hands 😉

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