Tibet – The forbidden country


There are only a few areas inhabited in Tibet from the 1.2 square kilometers. But there is live even in the most extreme areas. We could see several wild animals on our journey. We saw the Tibet Donkey (Kiang/Jiang, wild donkey and the tallest wild horse in the world), the Tibet Antelope, the Tibet Gazelle, the Thrilling Rabbit, Groundhogs and a lot of birds. We didn’t saw for a long time a single tree when we watched out of the window but several small plants and bushes were adapted to the extreme conditions. So there was vegetation even in the highest altitude. After Lhasa we went down to lower altitudes which had sometimes a subtropical character. From this region comes the wood which can be found in many temples of the country.

Der Pfeifhase
The Thrilling Rabbit


Die Tibetantilope
The Tibet Antelope


Tibet Gazelle
Wild donkey

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  1. Patrick
    7. November 2016

    Hi Matthias,

    als stetiger stiller Leser bin ich begeistert von deinen Reports, Bilder und vor allem das Du schon so weit gekommen bist! Mit dem eigenen Auto nach und durch Tibet – großes Kino! Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, das Du in Laos und Thailand gut entspannen kannst 😉

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin und alles Gute für deinen weiteren Trip
    Patrick (Aperto)

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