Time to leave. Time to say thank you.

When I bought the car end of January 2015 I told myself: from now on there is no way back. Tomorrow I am leaving my hometown Dresden. Towards India. First stop Budapest.

People kept asking me the last days whether I am excited. I said that I am not. In the stress of the last days I had no time and space in my head to be excited. Now I am very excited. I am less than 24 hours away from my big dream.


Well I have to say the way to reach this point wasn’t easy. I absolutely underestimated the workload to organize such a trip. Almost every day I came home from work and did research, wrote mails, organized visa. It feels good now that all the work is done. I am ready to start.

Without the help of some people the whole project wouldn’t be possible. I have to say a big thank you to my father who spend hours to work on the jeep. With his help we build the bed for sleeping inside, the roof cage, the holding for the bull bar. He even helped to fix some car parts. Also a big thank you goes to Car Service Center Sturm who gave the car the last necessary fixings. Thanks to Christoph for helping my buying the car and getting the bull bar to Dresden.

I want to say Thank you to my company Aperto in Berlin. Thank you to make the sabbatical possible. Thanks to Arend and Yeter for setting everything up. Thanks to PR for the little sponsorship. Thanks to all my colleagues for your nice words. Thanks to Thomas for creating the logo.

Getting the visa was a shit job. The guys from visabox in Berlin helped my a lot to get the visa for Iran and Turkmenistan. Always with good advice. Fast and in time.


Organizing the china transit was and is one of the tasks with the biggest workload. Here I have to say thank you to Wolf for your advices and for taking the group lead when I am on the road.

In the forum Wüstenschiff a lot of overlanders gave me useful advices. Thank you for your support.

Last, but not least thanks to my family and friends for your support. You always believed in me and my dream. I am looking forward for the company of some of you during the trip. Eight friends my brother and my cousin will join me divided in five stages for the first three months.

I will keep you updated with all the stories on my way to India. Check out my education project (in German) in which I will have a look on different education systems of the countries I’ll cross: http://lernen-weltweit.de/

Lets start the long way to India.



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  1. Micha Wolf
    11. July 2016

    Hi Mathi,
    bin gespannt was du so von der Reise berichtest, werde regelmäßig hier vorbei schauen. Gute Fahrt und viel Spaß!
    Viele Grüße

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