Month: July 2016

26. July 2016 / / Turkey

The start of the relationship with turkey was not the best. We waited more than 3 hours at the border to enter the country and then they made a complete check of the luggage. At the time of our arrival in Istanbul we crushed into the…

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18. July 2016 / / Bulgaria

It is sunny at this Thursday morning in Dresden. The birds are singing and the slight wind in the garden welcomes a beautiful summer day. But this day should be different than others. Right now my parents and I had breakfast. My cousin Sebastian and my…

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11. July 2016 / / Trip-preparation

When I bought the car end of January 2015 I told myself: from now on there is no way back. Tomorrow I am leaving my hometown Dresden. Towards India. First stop Budapest. People kept asking me the last days whether I am excited. I said that…

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