How to organize a world trip

Organizing a world tour is more challenging than you think at the beginning. Journeys through exotic countries like Iran, China or Uzbekistan have to be prepared carefully. And when you are traveling with your own car the list of necessary preparations is getting longer and longer. But what are the things you have to think about?

The plan

On the beginning there is the plan. Where should I go? At the beginning there should be a rough idea where the trip should bring you to. It is possible for sure to just take the next plane and be curios where you land. But a preparation time brings some advantages as well. You have some time to get some background information and learn something about the country and the cultural region of the countries you want to pass. After having the travel route you get more and more excited. There is no way back.

My plan from the beginning was the overland tour to India. Passing the legendary silk road, overbear the highest mountains of the Himalaya. Crossing the countries which are embossed by all big religions of the world. Could it be more exciting?

Ort der Planung
Place of planning

The inspiration

The phase of inspiration starts after having an idea of the route. There are lots of books, movies, documentaries, travel notes and news which will be consumed in the next months. The blur picture of the journey is getting clear. In your head your passing the route several times. You learn a lot of things. The capital of Tadjikistan is Dushanbe. The Islam was born in the 7th century AD and is normally a peaceful religion. There is a bloody conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia since more than 30 years about the region Bergkarabach. There is an imagination formed in your head of the trip together with a lot of stories which are waited to been told.

Travel inspiration

The preparation time

The plan is fixed. Other travelers are found. Lots of books have been read. Its time to make some arrangements. From the beginning you can start with some brainstorming. Take a peace of paper and write all your thoughts down which are coming to your mind. Such a list is very helpful. You should have it always with you to note some new ideas. With that list I started my research. Visa regulations. Provisions about a journey with your car. Insurances. Vaccinations. Die list is getting longer and longer. The preparation time should be set early enough. For sure it all depends on the duration of travel and the regions you want to travel to. While you need no single visa in Latin America as a European citizen, traveling through Central Asia can be very challenging.

The checklist

A checklist is essential for every complex planning. The checklist contains everything which has to be done before you leave. The checklist is becoming even more useful when you connect every entry in the list with a date of its deadline. The best thing is to set the deadlines as early as possible to have a buffer for unexpected things. On my checklist are things like the visa applications, health insurance, customs documents for the car, tour organization Tibet, car enhancements, TÜV, vaccinations, international drivers license and much more.

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