Going from Berlin to India… By car…

Traveling is great! Once you start to travel, once you’ve been far away from everything, once you’ve found yourself in a crowded minibus at the other end of the world, once you’ve been by your own in a culture which is totally different from yours, then you get addicted to traveling.

I lived and worked two years in Latin America. In the time between I was traveling. I discovered the continent. I traveled alone. I traveled with friends. I traveled with my family. I was laughing. I was almost crying. I was astonished by the nature, the people, the culture. I’ve got addicted to traveling.


My time as a student was over. I’ve got my Diploma. I’ve gained experience from studying, working and traveling. And now? Time to settle down. Time to start working, find a girl friend, start a family. Well come on, please not that fast! I started working. Berlin is the place to be. I’ve got an awesome job as an IT project manager in the web agency Aperto in Berlin. That’s what I can do: IT and organizing stuff. I still love my job. I can save money for discovering more from the world: Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. Live is great. But wait, there is something missing:

Enough time for traveling.

I was traveling a lot during the time as an employee. Almost every weekend I was on the road. I’ve spend all my holidays for traveling somewhere far away. Two weeks, once three weeks. But what are two or three weeks of traveling? Nothing. When the few days of traveling are almost over, you discover that you just started to begin to be in a travel mode. Travel mode means that you’ve left your work and normal life problems at home. You forget some of your German properties: punctuality, cleanness, correctness. It’s okay that the bus is late. Its okay the room is not the cleanest. It’s okay the electric cables in the street are looking like a spiders web. You start to be more open. Talk to people you don’t know. You start to become free.

Don’t miss the plane which brings you home again.

For me it was sure after I did my first trip to Morocco six months after I started working: One day I want to do a long trip. I want to keep the travel mode. The destination was easy to find. The country I heard and read so many stories from. THE country where its necessary to stay more than three weeks otherwise it’s impossible to feel comfortable.

The destination is India.

I started to save money. I precooked my lunch the night before that I can save the money for lunch restaurants. I bought new cloths only when it was really necessary. I choose to live in a shared flat instead of having one for my own. I worked hard to get a better salary. I spoke with my boss that in July 2016 I want to go abroad. He asked me for how long. I’ve never thought about it.

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