16. August 2016 / / Armenia

Armenia is a country which only a few people know about. Where is Armenia located anyways? And what is so special about this country? This is a report about a journey through a country with a moving history.

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8. August 2016 / / Georgia

Our experiences in Georgia were simply crazy! Extreme offroad tours, milky way in the mountains, hospitality, military checks, experiences of almost dying in the cable car. For us its sure: Georgia is a must!

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26. July 2016 / / Turkey

The start of the relationship with turkey was not the best. We waited more than 3 hours at the border to enter the country and then they made a complete check of the luggage. At the time of our arrival in Istanbul we crushed into the…

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18. July 2016 / / Bulgaria

It is sunny at this Thursday morning in Dresden. The birds are singing and the slight wind in the garden welcomes a beautiful summer day. But this day should be different than others. Right now my parents and I had breakfast. My cousin Sebastian and my…

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11. July 2016 / / Trip-preparation

When I bought the car end of January 2015 I told myself: from now on there is no way back. Tomorrow I am leaving my hometown Dresden. Towards India. First stop Budapest. People kept asking me the last days whether I am excited. I said that…

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