17. October 2016 / / Tibet

The holy mountain Kailash. Holy for four religions. For the Buddhists and Hindus the center of the world. A walk around the mountain is not only for the pilgrims a special and emotional experience. I am taking you with me on the hike and a moving journey.

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4. October 2016 / / Kyrgyzstan

Snow covered mountains, endless grass lands with wild horses. Nomads. This is Kyrgyzstan. A very beautiful country. And the last station before China and the legendary city at the Silk Road – Kashgar.

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23. September 2016 / / Tadjikistan

Over 93% of Tajikistan are mountain land and about the half of the country lies above 3000m. That’s why they call Tajikistan the country of the mountains. For us it was a really adventurous trip which brought us from time to time back to the past.

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13. September 2016 / / Iran
4. September 2016 / / Iran

The community Couchsurfing works probably in any country as good as in Iran. The Iranians are very interested to meet or to host travelers for sharing their ideas and histories. Thanks to Couchsurfing we came in contact with amazing people from Iran which probably would be possible as we would be normal travelers.

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