6. January 2017 / / India

I prepared myself almost three years for this moment. Crossing India with your own car! And for sure it was not only the journey to reach India, it was India itself which made me doing all of this. My first impression thereby were very different.

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8. December 2016 / / Myanmar

Why is Myanmar one of the poorest countries and a very rich countries and the same time? What is that for a country where they move over night the capital including the government into another new built city? Why there ar in Myanmar more than those thousand pagodas? And why is it so popular for travelers? All those things will be discussed in the following travel report.

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20. November 2016 / / Laos

Lao is open for tourism only since 1988. There is a big poverty in the country while most of the visitors are discovering the UNESCO world heritage city Luang Prabang or floating down drunk on a tube the river of Vang Vieng. As an Overlander I had the unique chance to have a deeper look into the country and learn something about this incredible beautiful country with its very sad history.

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10. November 2016 / / China
28. October 2016 / / Tibet

Only 75 years ago it was not allowed for foreigners to travel to Tibet. Nowadays things changed. But still it is quite tough to get all the necessary permits, especially when you traveling with your own vehicle. But it is worth all the work and the costs. A unique journey into a mythic country which is surrounded by snow mountains and which shows every new day an even more beautiful side than the day before.

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